Warhammer 40K Shadow War Armageddon Tactics

I’m a BIG believer in getting the most out of your model collections, and for Warhammer 40K that means exploring some of the smaller side stories in the grimdark universe. Not everything is a major planet changing battle.

Many heroic battles are fought between a half or dozen or less men, xenos, or beasts…

What I find especially challenging is that smaller model based games are similar to “regular” 40K but the tactics are VERY different. It is a challenge because if you play these types of 40K games like 40K you will lose…

A few tabletop observations…

Losing a model or two is a BIG deal. Losses in regular 40K happen, and Games Workshop has gotten us used to losing dozen or more models a turn. Sure, losing models is bad, but in most of 40K you can take a few losses and still turn it around. Kind of like BATTLETECH, in smaller skirmish 40K model, you lose three or so models and you are in real trouble.

Positioning and engagement is KEY. Terrain is KEY.

You are not working with large volumes of dice, so when you shoot, you need to shoot with a few models to make sure you hit, wound, and put the model down or out- depending on the rule set.

If I can draw LOS to one of your guys, I need to move at least three of my guys to shoot- 3 shots, 2 hit, 1 wound. You really need to pour on the firepower.

The assault is also VERY dangerous. Unlike shooting, there is a good or equal chance you will swing back or event hit first- putting my assaulting model in danger of a loss.


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