Warhammer 40K: Riposte Tactics

As much as I believe in Imperial glory and decisive tactics, there are times with my Space Marines where I need to castle up and wait for my opponent to approach. Perhaps the terrain on the table sets up a no-man’s land where I will just get dice torrented to death, or maybe we are playing something tournament wacky like kill point and I need to hold back to the end.

Often many opponent’s will lead with their most powerful units- something jacked up, or even a horde pushing forward, and at that point we reach a bottleneck of sorts, trading shots back and forth with neither side willing to push or commit.

This is where I like to have a small (point wise) but fast moving unit in all of my armies- to break that bottle neck and set up a riposte when my opponent is forced to counter. With my Space Marines a small group of assault marines is always set to jump over and attack.

Naturally my opponent will counter, usually throwing on more units than are needed- try it next game. Followed by my counter pile in of units into the assault for breaking them.

Castle up.

Trade some long range shots.

Get them to come to you.

Build the tension.

Send over an expendable unit.

Counter attack HARD their counter attack.

Emperor Protects!

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