Reawakened from my long slumber to Warhammer 40K 8th edition I see a universe in disrepair and chaos. Pawn from the War in Heaven run rampant, our tomb worlds desecrated, and our soul forges silent…

…I don’t like what I see…

So how are Tomb Spyders….I mean CAnoptek Spyders holding up in 40K 8th?

Overall NECRONS got a HUGE boost, so what about this model?

Across the various editions it has always had a place in my army- first in the early days as a way to get a monstrous creature and some template weapons into the army, followed by the scarab spawning farm of 6th and 7th, now in 8th…

Well the spyder is certainly easier to kill given the massive boost of dakka across all armies. I’m not just imagining it in my own games, the mathhammer proves it. He was never a direct assault or attacking unit, but at times he would make a good speed bump unit. Now he (it) doesn’t seem to last.

So what about running a repair-shop list?

Park him behind a monolith, use the monolith as an anchor point and heal up. I’ve been doing this, and it works- but depending on your list is it worth paying more points for the monolith? Essentially the spyder becomes an “upgrade”. Works for now in my group, but I could see some groups with extreme dakka just getting past this by blowing up the monolith in a single turn.

We are there in theory with certain armies, will it become the norm in the future meta?

Spawn and anti-psychics are still there, but decreased with the easier ability to kill the spyder.

Where I see him at now, is in smaller games, where the dakka is controlled and limited based on the point limit.

A fun thing to try out in your list, or add for lolz, but hardly a keystone unit.

My thoughts and table experience as of now.



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triesleast · October 30, 2017 at 8:31 AM

I agree, while the spyder is an incredible utility unit with the ability to respawn scarabs, heal vehicles, punch a tank 4 times at S6, and deny psychic powers, it can bring a lot to the table…but then it costs 89 points and still has 4 wounds.

It would be interesting if it had the character key word, so that I could have it zooming around with a stalker and some scarab swarms, but it’s all too easy to pop with a single lascannon.

I most frequently play against space wolves, and having a unit with that much utility is always an early target for 1-2 heavy shots. You could argue that the role of the unit is now to deter guns from taking out my more significant threats, such as a stalker or monolith, but in matched play, it’s an easy target for first blood.

There’s also no incentive (in my eyes at least) to bring a unit of 3 spyders, beyond having 3 chances to deny psychic powers, yet the option still exists.

I know in the lore, units of multiple spyders share their processing power, becoming more powerful as a result, and I think that we might be seeing some strategim or special rules to reflect this, or otherwise make spyders an easier choice to bring to the table.

    Wargamer Fritz · October 30, 2017 at 6:10 PM

    I’ve gotten in a few more games with my ‘spyders. Fun for sure, but like you pointed out- 4 wounds, in the current 40K 8th edition just doesn’t seem like enough. It feels like 6 at a minimum for the points.

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