Warhammer 40K Necron Monolith Tactics


Much like the Land Raider when I’m playing Space Marines, the Necron Monolith has been a steady part of my Necron tactics across multiple editions of the game and multiple army builds.

Has that changed with 8th?

At the core of my tactics is the idea of using the Monolith as a capstone for how your army is deployed and is planning to advance across the table. I deploy my forces out, and at the very front end, pointing in the direction I plan to move, is the Monolith.

As a capstone it is there to push ahead and drive a model footprint disrupting wedge into your army- physically breaking up and dividing your deployment by smashing through them. Often, on a side note, I’ll follow up with big groups of Necron Destroyers behind the Monolith, either moving to the left or right around it to engage whatever units that are weaker that my opponent has.

Along the way, it’s also there to fire off it arc’s and particle whips in previous editions.

The capstone concept worked, does it continue to work in 8th?

Kind of.

Certainly the Monolith has become super tanky in ways from previous editions I couldn’t believe- it can and often does take crazy firepower not to even start to dent it for a few turns. The chances of losing a Monolith turn one from a lucky shot, or concentrated firepower are gone.

It has taken a bump in price, and honestly it’s firepower is not that impressive at all by the standard of other units, and certainly in 8th edition which is all about the firepower and dice flow.

It’s like all Games Workshop did was add some wounds and jack the price up.

It still works as a wedge to push forward, and one has to account for the firepower loss and make that up in other elements of the list, which can be done.

BUT, the real tactica is- can you get your opponent to shoot at it- can you get them to soak it with las cannon and other high per shots so they are not going into your other Necron units, which makes them last even longer by not having to start making reanimation rolls till later in the game.

That is the strength of the Monolith- right now my plays with it are working to refine the idea of just how do I get my opponent to shoot at it and not my other ‘cron bots.


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