Warhammer 40K Movement Tactics

I’ve been reviewing some of the fundamental (in my opinion) tactics of Warhammer 40K.

Been an influx of new readers to my blog- welcome & Hail Horus! Not knowing your current experience in 40K I wanted to push more starting content to the archives here. Every wargame has a learning curve, and if a few of my posts can cut down that learning curve, that is the plan…

In this post I want to explore the idea of actively moving models on the table and how it can be dun to reduce the volume of dice coming at those models…

An example…

 I have a land raider with terminators inside that I’m going to run down the center of the table and smash into your front lines. Out is going to pour my chosen of Khorne blasting you with combi-bolters and reaper autocannons before charging in with power mauls & axes.

Naturally you are not going to let this happen- you are going to take some units in your army and use them to blast the land raider. The units you select will generate a pool of dice and if you have enough dice you will stop it.

How can I influence things so it cuts down on your available dice?

Killing units and removing them from play is one way- and an important way, but there are other ways that we want to layer and stack on over that.

In this example let’s say I also have a vindicator in my list- but my plan is to hold it back in my deployment zone till the middle of the game- when you have units in the center field of the table and I can start blasting away with demolisher shells without the risk of moving forward.

Or maybe I plan to keep the vindicator back in my deployment zone of defense in case you deep strike some stuff in…

…either way I’m not planing to roll out with it.

BUT, what if when I advance the land raider I also move out with the vindicator- perhaps moving it a turn up the side of the table, or even along side the land raider for that first turn.

Moving units on the table gives the illusion that you are going to utilize them in the shooting phase, or that they are important for this and next turn and your opponent should do something about it.

Divide up what your opponent might have to shoot at- by forcing them to move other units they have into position- some will have to move to engage the vindicator, and other the land raider.

When the vindicator drops back, there will be less dice coming towards that land raider.

All you units should be moving every turn- some to where they really need to be, others as bait/distraction/illusion.




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