Warhammer 40K: Should I Buy This Model?

Fritz, what units should I add to my army next…

A regular question about Warhammer 40K that I get, and one that I face all the time as my own armies grow is what model or unit to add next.

Here are a few questions I use to guide myself in the correct direction.

How is my army currently playing on the tabletop? Am I winning a fair amount of games? If there are tactical problems with my army, will adding this new unit help solve that problem?

If I add the new unit, will it need additional resources?

Example: If I take a big group of fast moving assault dudes, my opponent is just not going to let me roll up with them- do I have other units already in my list that can support the new unit and help get it into place or keep my opponent busy?

Am I adding the unit/model just for looks and lolz on the table- if it is a cool ability or looking model, and it sucks on the stats, can I absorb that in my list, or at least do I know it?

Good models to add, I find, are HQ choices and names characters- they are easy to paint and add being a single model and often the abilities and wargear they have can chance the flavor and fun of an army without altering your main tactics.

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