Warhammer 40K Khorne Berzerker Chaos Space Marine Tactics

Fritz, you filthy heretic, stop your posts on Eldar and Tyranids and get back to Khorne…

Regardless of where Games Workshop takes Warhammer 40K 8th edition I am happy…

Khorne bezerkers are actually useful again, on par or perhaps even better than the legendary Chaos Space Marine 3.5/4 ‘dex since I’m not running around with blood frenzy any more attacking drop pods that I can even hurt or bailing out of moving rhinos.

S5 2 attacks base as a start, and what a glorious start. Against marines you have a slight advantage and against space elves, guard, and normal humies the skulls are really going to pile up on those assault stats alone.

First point, they are still a dedicated assault unit, say like Death Company, BUT we don’t want to use them as a dedicated assault unit going up against say other dedicated assault units like Death Company.

Use your cultists and other fodder for that.

I want to chew through the T3 units/non assault units on the table. Now instead of taking a big chunk out of them, they get wiped out on the charge.

Axe vs. Sword vs. Both?

TRUE devotees to the Gods will magnetize all options with rare earth magnets…

Certainly we have the stats to prove that axe and dual is better, and perhaps even leave pistols, but I feel it is more a question of what else is in your Chaos warband.

If you are playing only one unit and using it as a Khornate deathstar, I’d go with axe and sword and unleash them.

If, like me you are playing multiple units just the sword or axe is fine- I actually want to bolt pistols. Sometimes I need to camp on an objective or strategy point on the table and want to fire off some shots. Since I’m assaulting non-dedicated units I don’t need the extra attack bonuses- I have jacked up termies and Chosen for that.

I also find that when used correctly- against the weaker stuff that your opponent has your power armor actually means something as most low-quality troops and units in the game don’t have the AP – assault attacks to dent your armor, or at least only AP -1.

Hail Horus!

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2 Replies to “Warhammer 40K Khorne Berzerker Chaos Space Marine Tactics”

  1. I’m looking to add some berzerkers to a black legion list, unfortunately do not have enough chain axes to kit out the whole unit. Using that berzerker box from like 1999!! GW seriously needs to update that (along with an Abaddon model) – it’s the same moulds from when I first got into the hobby.

    Your paint job on the berzerkers is so unique (really like it) what did you use to achieve that whiteish gray?

    1. Agreed on that- kit needs a refresh like the Death Guard models all got refreshed. For now I know many are just using the models as a proxy- as in all the ‘zerkers in this group have axes, etc.

      My Warband was painted up by a friend as an offering to the Gods: http://wingsmoothpainting.com . The idea was a Chaos Lord who was there on Skallatrax and survived the purging of Kharn, making it off world with his warband. What would their armor look like if all the blue and white World Eater paint had faded and worn off over time leaving only the ceramite underneath. Lots of airbrushing and some weathered/rust effects.

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