How are you using your Warhammer 40K HQ choice to win on the tabletop?

In this blog post I’d like to give you a tabletop formula i like to use to help build tactics around for my HQ models, regardless of the army you are playing.

Active vs. Passive.

An active HQ choice is one that is going to go out and remove models in the shooting and assault phase. It is aggressive and is successful by removing 3-4 times it’s weight in points before it gets taken out on the table.  Primarchs, Space Marine Chapter Masters, the Emperor’s Champion, Chaos Lords, Swarm Lord and perhaps even an Autarch are examples of this segment…maybe an Autarch.

You will be rushing forward and being very aggressive with this active unit.

Passive units are HQ choices that want to hang back and buff other units- farseers, IG commanders, Etherals, etc. Stat wise the model might be weak and it won’t do much in shooting or the assault, but in synergy with other models, special rules, and psychic support it earns its points by making your entire are more effective on the tabletop.

Now this is the first layer, naturally there is a bit more vs just slapping down your HQ choice and collecting the win- especially with an active HQ unit on the table.

Just HOW are you going to get that active HQ into combat- shooting or assault on turn one? 40K is a finite turn game and you don’t have time to waste.

What is the delivery system?

What is the buffer for your active HQ?

No opponent is just going to let your super model walk across the table- if they can’t stop it they might try to tar pit it down by drowning it in cheap models…like hundreds of gaunts. What other units might you need to stop this and act as a buffer so your HQ can get into place?

What models do you have in your list that are active or passive?

Are certain armies more active, passive, or a balance of both?

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