The Death Jester is one of my favorite Warhammer 40K models and units in the (harlequin) game. It harkens back to a time when Games Workshop didn’t take itself as serious as it does these days.

In the grimdark (TM) of the far future we have a space elf wearing a trench coat, skill hockey mask, while carrying a big gun that looks like a guitar.

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So what role does Mr. Death play in your space clown army?

Sniper role for sure, and in support of the Harlequins advancing in your own army. I’ve been using him as one of two sniper roles, in support of my advancing harlequin units. Running a pure ‘clown army you have a bunch of space elves that HIT HARD but they are just not going to last. There is no waiting around with the bulk of your army at range and plinking away. You want to run forward and harlequin kiss stuff.

So on the way from my deployment zone to the mid field my ‘jesters are trying to pick out any army wide supporting CHARACTERS that my opponent might be using to boost the over all power of their army- active vs. passive HQ choices…

…really quick, and I cover this in greater detail in the last post.

Active HQ choices work on their own to deal out the damage- a Space Marine Chaplin or Chapter Master all wargear jacked up.

Passive HQ choices buff the army and other units with powers and abilities- Eldar Farseers and Chaos Sorcerers throwing around the mojo.

On the way in to the mid field I want to, if I can target those army wide power units. Take ’em out or put some wounds on them.

Once my clown are in the mid field, and start running into my opponent’s deployment zone, the Death Jester switches over to trying to pop special squad models using the Death is no Enough Rule- in anticipation of what my harlequins are now going to assault.

A fun model that actually plays like a mini-HQ choice on the table.

Let’s ROCK!

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