Warhammer 40K Eldar Vyper Tactics

What do you know of our suffering mon-kei? The starts once lived and died at our command, and yet you STILL defy our will… 

Vypers are a BIG part of my Saim-Hann warhost.

They work in tandem with my jetbikes as a supporting unit when the dice go against me in the shooting phase with my jetbikes. One vyper group is assigned to each jetbike.

Using the speed of my jetbikes they engage and shoot at a unit- and NEED to wipe it out. If the unit is a bit more resilient or my dice are less then average the vypers add in some more shooting dice to even it out.

Wargear load-out.

I consider the shuriken cannon under slung upgrade mandatory. It pushed the range of the vyper out to 24″ plus the range of the main gun. Vypers want to stay as far back as they can as the first layer to protect them vs. return fire. Staying with the shuriken catapult means either getting close for range (not worth the risk)  vs.more dakka dice.

Shuriken Cannons vs. Star Cannon.

Shuriken cannons used to be the standard in the past two editions- good dice vs. strength vs. cost, especially on such a fragile vehicle.

Now I feel like starcannons are back, and worth the cost.

It has the range and at 2 AP-3 D3 damage means it has the strength to put down units like primaris span and space marine bike spam where the jetbikes might struggle a bit to engage- in keeping with the two units working together.

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  1. I’ve seen both posts about saim-hann but have yet to see what actually you put together with 8th edition considering all the points changes. What’s you list look like at this juncture in 8th.

    1. Post and tactia write up of my list on the way, although it looks like it will only be good for a few more weeks as we have the new Eldar codex incoming.

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