Warhammer 40K Eldar Tactics: War Walkers

Warhammer 40K 8th edition Eldar tactics.

Right off this post, I consider War Walkers to be one of the hidden gems in the Eldar codex.

Regardless of your style of play, even if one is going all Saim-Hann, for the points vs. firepower vs. ability the War Walker delivers.

Stock with two shuriken cannons and its mobility it is great without any upgrades- more and more in 40K, and with select units in the Eldar books one needs to upgrade the weapons to start making them optimal.

As long as you are there, magnetize the weapons so you have access when the edition changes, or if your local meta shifts.

But for most parts the shuriken cannons are fine.

Building on this, the ability to outflank the table edges is huge in this edition- the ability to get into your opponent’s deployment zone and start locking down units there, so those units can’t push to the mid field- which gives you time to push to the mid field.

You can also attack back table heavy weapon teams and support units normally screened by trash mobs- giving you a bypass.

And perhaps most important, more and more, is the ability to deny the alpha-strike of your opponent by not being on the table.

‘Walkers also scale perfectly in all games.

Smaller point games with one War Walker give you mobility, firepower, and outflank.

Larger points games, add more ‘Walkers and you can bring the same tactics at a higher level.

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