Warhammer 40K Eldar Dire Avenger Tactics

One of the challanges in playing Warhammer 40K is that there are game specific tactics such as understanding the dice pools in the game, the different phases of moving, shooting, etc. and then there are army specific tactics.

Part of the trouble we get in as players is when we try to play one army like another, even if the tactics seem sound and tend to map 1 to 1.

An example of this was years ago when I first started playing my Saim-Hann Eldar.

Before that I was an avid Space Marine player and on paper Jetbikes kind of looked like Space Marines only with a bit more movement: both are the time were T4 and S4 in shooting…

…well the first few games didn’t go very wall at all.

But one learns.

That said, if there was a unit in the Space Elf codex that mapped up to Marines in terms of tactics it would be Dire Avengers.

One of the strengths of tactical Marines, and even assault Marines is that they are just good enough to hold for a turn or two when up against a superior unit. in terms of powers, stat lines, or point cost.

Naturally we want to take our units and pick on weaker units- shooting chaos cultists vs. a Bloodthirster, but sometimes we need to hold and delay.

Dire Avengers can do that better vs. any of the other Space Elf units.

Good shooting, good assault, good price (60 base) for five.

They expand up well to a full size, and put out some very good dice.

Tactically in my Eldar army you will find them pushing to the mid field, either as a spear head of dice followed by wraithlords and guardian spam, or depending on my opponent’s army, on the sides of the table to shut down that area of movement for my opponent for a few turns if they are a fast moving army.

Of all the aspects Dire Avengers are the jack-of-all-trades for sure, and in a specialized army like Eldar, having something “generic” with decent stats and shooting dice at the mid range is very welcomed.

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