Warhammer 40K Eldar Army: Way Of Saim-Hann



The stars once lived and died at our command, and yet you still defy our will…

While in the narrative the Saim-Hann craftworld certainly has a number of Eldar military units and Aspect units to draw on, for my Way of Saim-Hann warhost list I wanted to build an army out of a three main units: jetbikes, vypers, and wave/prism skimmers, backed by the psychic support of a farseer on a jetbike.


Out of all my Warhammer 40K armies, this is my longest standing army, and has remained unchanged since 2007 since I both enjoy playing the units, the narrative, and have the most practice on the table in terms of tactically applying the army. I’ve been fortunate to win many battle honors with it through both tactical acumen and some natural luck.

Tactically it operates using the list building concept of MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE in the movement phase. Pouring all my points into units that can move fast and move over opposing units and terrain. On the table it is about deploying in the center so I have moment access to everywhere radiating from that, waiting for my opponent to move out, and then isolating fringe units with my army and eliminating them.

Throwing 80% of my models at one or two enemy units at a time. The speed of the army allows my to exploit the D6 system of 40K and how what that in terms of game design = throw enough dice at a unit and it goes poof.

This is THE KEY to the entire army.

Wolf-packing those units with jetbikes and vypers.

I divide my army into two group:

Group 1: Jetbikes and vypres.

Group 2: Wave Serpents W/ Guardians and Fire Prisms.

The jetbikes engage units, often on the flank, with the vypers there for additional dice support to make sure I finish off the unit(s) my jetbikes are shooting at- allowing for a bad swing of the dice.

On the back end of the table are my skimmers adding some firepower and countering whatever my opponent might look to trap or speed-bump my jetbikes with.

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  1. I’m sure I read somewhere in a GW book, that the eldar and dark eldar can be allies, now I’ve bought the death masque box set, and the gangs of Gomorrah game, I was thinking of adding the dark eldar start collecting box set the the miniature I got with the two sets, to make a reasonable army, which will contain both types, but I like the wraiths too, but it ok to mix the two types isn’t it, ?

  2. I’m a new player and have chosen Craftworld Eldar as my army. I love the lore, the combat style, and the units. But I keep being indecisive or regretting some choices in my army.
    Example: I really like Biel Tan and it’s focus around the Aspect Warriors because they are my favorite of the Eldar army. And their colors are okay as well though lore wise they tend to be very hostile and overzealous which kinda doesn’t rub me the right way at times. But the again this is 40k where everyone has shades of Gray. But at the same time, Saim Hann is probably my favorite Craftworld. It’s warrior culture, them being not as stuck up as the other eldar, and they are in my favorite colors ever. It’s just….idk if I could see myself with an army that’s nothing but jetbikes. I get it that’s how they fight but I like having diverse units. So my question is: should I go with the army that I like gameplay wise or for fluff and aesthetic reasons?
    Thanks for listening,
    PS: I also want to change the weapons on my Wraithknight and want to know how to take off super glued parts without damaging the model. Again thank you.

    1. Thanks for posting! Awesome to have another Eldar player in the game.

      Couple of options and no 100% answer. You could collect all the different units you want and paint them how you want and if you want to play Saim-Hann craftword select those units and play them as that- technically they don’t have to be painted “red” of Saim-Hann. Same like Space Marines, could be a split off craftworld. Saim-Hann has other aspects and units- paint them red and when you play an army of the use the Biel Tan rules.

      Mix and match a bit.

      Best way to remove super glue parts is to use a small jewelers saw to cut a clean line off. You can re-glue it later, or swap it out, magnetize, etc.

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