Next couple of Warhammer 40K posts & podcasts I REALLY want to focus on deployment in the game.

If you are a new player to the awesome of 40K it is easy to think that the game starts on turn one…

…but what about a few tactica options that can give you an advantage turn one and beyond?

Certainly 40K is a game of the dice, and at points during the game the dice will both work for and against you- we want to have as much tactical momentum moving through the game that when the dice DO turn against us, it won’t put us behind.

Correct deployment, awareness of deployment, is one vital way to get an advantage before the game starts that will carry over.

My Necrons vs. Space Marines, everything is on the table along with some thunderfire cannons out of the shot at the far right table edge.

I’ve deployed my mass of warriors and other Necron infantry in the center of the table, this creates an anchor point that I am going to push to the center of the table- we want to control the center of the table, which forces our opponent to go around the sides, or risk running into a massed blob of infantry which equals a large volume of dice.

To the left is my monolith + spyder and scarabs, which have the illusion of being scary- the massed destroyers are the real threat in my list on the other side. I plan to lock head to head with the land raider and just bog it down with the monolith, while the destroyers flank around on the other side.

By deploying two big threats on the sides of center control, you can have one be the real threat and the other a false threat- deciding which one ahead of time, or which one becomes active based on what your opponent does.


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Supremesweetbannanadecentfromtheunderworld · February 4, 2018 at 5:37 PM

Very interesting!

Reminds me of chess a litte bit.

Looking forward to trying this out with my fleshtearers.

As a reletivily new player to 40k i find deployment tactics one of the hard parts to get the hang of.

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