So what is the deal with power armored Chaos Space Marines in Warhammer 40K 8th edition? We are far enough in to have a handle on these guys, and the question I was curious to ask, and try out on the table was if they had finally found a useful place in the game?

Your thoughts?

In 40K 7th, they lacked the leadership ignoring rules ATSKNF (and they shall know no rules) vs. the loyalist counterparts, and as a result were a bit ho-hum and expensive just for the power armor alone.

So you marked them up to get some god-specific bonuses, but for the points now for a bit more you could get cult-troops- Khorne, Nurgle, etc.

Or you just saves the points by dumping it all into cultists.

in 7th, from a competitive point of view one didn’t take vanilla CSM.

Now in 8th?

I still feel the same way, and tabletop kind of confirms it.

Cultists are not as good as in 7th, but they still work, and the cult troops got MUCH better and are now worth the points.

True you get bolter/pistol/chain sword which allows them to multi-task, and you can take a heavy in 5 units and turn them into mini-havoc squads, but this would be for very specific game- reasons- a small point game or narrative scenario. Cult troops or full Havocs do it better.

Wish CSM were made something special in the game- am I missing something?

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SanguinaryGuardsman · November 20, 2017 at 7:36 PM

I feel the same way from a loyalist perspective. When I want long range fire support I take devastators. When I want close range fire support I take company veterans or sternguard. When I want objective holders or screens, I take scouts. I only ever take tacticals when Im facing certain opponents and I need to some extra plasma shots in my list for cheap and even then Im sure I could do without.

My Chaos army will have zero CSM squads. I never even consider taking them when messing around in battlescribe.

There is an interesting possible fix for this. RIght now we get command points from taking certain detachments. Maybe if GW made it so that each squad of tacticals or CSMs in your army gave a command point and not the actual detachment itself. Obviously each army would have to have a corresponding troops for this to work. With that rule changes there is an actual decision to make and a reason to take basic troops. There could also be some nice options in each codex about this rule. For example, white scars would get 1 command point for each biker squad instead of tacticals. Just a thought.

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