Warhammer 40K Chaos Space Marine Army: The Berzerkers Of Skallathrax

This is our galaxy. Ours to corrupt. Ours to enslave. The gods will not be denied their prize…

Much like the will of the Gods, the might of a Chaos Space Marine warband is only as strong as the visionary who leads it. Our lord and prophet of blood, Jaryd Syn was there on Skallathrax during the purge. He alone stood with Kharn, and was still standing at the end of the purge. Anointed by Khorne he was gifted a demonic juggernaut as a symbol of might from the blood god…

My Chaos Space Marine army: The Berzerkers of Skallathrax starts of with a chaos lord on a juggernaut. I wanted the entire army to revolve around this centerpiece on the table. A true chaos narrative of a charismatic warlord leading his men and machines into battle. Conversion wise the core is built from a Chaos Daemon Juggy model with a bloodletter body, a CSM head, and bloodletter head as a crown. One of the chosen/CSM backpack and a few extra horns on the head fills out the model.

Tactically on the table, my lord in true Khorne fasion runs across the table with a group of spawn, chaos terminators and a vindicator getting into the assault as directly and quickly as possible. The idea is to lock down my opponent’s deployment zone with assault action as fast as I can and cause as much damage as I can. If the models last till turn 3 that is great as I don’t expect them to survive the game at all- I just need to keep my opponent busy and focused on dealing with them.

While this is happening on either the right or left side of the table I launch a flank attack- Maulerfiends run up the side and start to push and put pressure on my opponent. These units are also expandable- there to buy time and further lock down my opponent.

Once these two units hit, a third wave of cultists lead by helbrutes are released to add more bodies onto the pile. These units are also there to lock down any mid field units that my opponent might be looking to break out with or counter with. No upgrades on any of my cultists or ‘brutes- just lots of cheap bodies looking for Khornate glory.

By now the table is a mess, and my first three waves are probably close to being wiped out- but I have put a serious dent in my opponent’s army. Many players are not willing to sacrifice their models in such a way, trading wounds and bodies for tabletop opportunity.

This is no where the true thrust, the riposte of my army surges forward- legions of Khorne Berzerkers rushing forward with Chaos Space Marine support, out of rhinos to put my opponent to the test: chain sword and bolters; often finding them lacking.

And finally circling  the skies a heldrake, looking for opportunity on the tabletop- perhaps directly assaulting with the first wave, or perhaps hanging back to attack units that my opponent is going to break out with…

Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!

Who says Khorne has no tactics beyond taking heads?

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    1. I’ve got a few dozen battle reports written up with pictures and all for them and my other armies- I’ll get to posting them up!

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