Warhammer 40K: BEST Troop Choice In The Game

Best troop choice in Warhammer 40K 8th edition as of right now?


That was the topic of this week’s 40K vlog on my YouTube channel and there was some interesting feedback. Lot’s of passionate players for each army, but would one expect anything else from the 40K community?

My vote.

Despite being an Eldar fanboy, and a prophet of Khorne, I’d have to cast my vote for Necron Warriors.

Taking into account the cost of the model, you get an almost Space Marine in toughness and close to save, one of the best all around base guns in the game in terms of strength and AP, along with reanimation protocols as a base.

The offset is a lack of any assault power or ability to repel an assault, but just how common are planned assaults in 40K at this point- as it becomes with every edition, primarily a shooting game.

Your vote?


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