Warhammer 40K 8th Edition New Player Tactics

What’s my Warhammer 40K checklist as I’m preparing to start turn one- or what should I be doing along the way before I get to turn 1?

A few 40K checkpoints for new players to ask regardless of their army build or point level…

What models are in my opponent’s army, and what are they trying to do with those models? Are they a random mix of stuff, or is there a plan behind them? Are they playing the current hotness meta, or it a themed tricknology list?

My Berzerkers of Skallathrax army is obvious in its tactical application- close the distance and put your pathetic army to the bolt pistol and chain sword in the name of Khorne.

My Saim-Hann warhost is a bit more tricky- using its speed and firepower to try and pull you apart turn by turn.

What your opponent has selected is going to give you a 50/50 idea of what the plan is turn one- how can you stop it or at least slow it down?

Converse: what tactica does your army give away- what is your plan to counter what your opponent it trying to do?

Deployment is next. Deployment should give you a boost of momentum on turn one so you can get the most out of your army. You NEED this turn one, since this is when you army is the most powerful in terms of dice it can generate- think of your army as a dice generator. Every turn after 1 you are going to get weaker and weaker in dice generation as you take losses.

NOW turn one starts…

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2 Replies to “Warhammer 40K 8th Edition New Player Tactics”

  1. Are you still on Twitter? I recall you always saying you wanted to field a purely deathwing army which is near impossible but has always been on my mind as well. I’d love to hear your opinion on dark Angels this edition. Ravenwing. Obviously the hellblaster spam with azrael, ancients, and lt’s Nearby work well but i’d Love to field some deathwing more often. If you have ideas about them please share one day.

    1. I am on twitter: https://twitter.com/Fritz40K

      Deathwing is still on my play list, I love terminators and I think of starting a DW force all the time. Not enough for true/full Deathwing- I have two DA terminators quads and a few tactical squads that I play in some of our club’s bigger games when I’m on the Space Marine team side.

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