Warhammer 40K 8th Edition Army Stats

Warhammer 40K faction/army usage vs. tournament plays…

Who is playing what in the various Warhammer 40K tournaments and events so far for 8th edition- pulled from an email discussion with a friends from BOLS.


Space Marines are of course #1- are we surprised? They get stacked up from both sides- new(er) 40K players tend to go with Space Marines and veteran players know how to tournament abuse them. This combination, along with Games workshop continuing to support them the most with new rules and options means one is probably going to face Space Marines in most of the games.

#2 at Chaos Space Marines really surprised me. An example of your local meta perhaps showing a different picture. Nobody except a die hard few plays CSM around my parts. CSM players tend to play them for the power trip, if you want the best in power armor and free rule bumps you go with Space Marines, not the spikey version of Space Marines.

Imperial Guard doesn’t surprise- they have always been solid in tournaments and perhaps out of all the armies in 40K have always had lots of build options.

Next is Orks, Tyanids, and Tau, followed by Eldar…

…which again surprised me.

Eldar were big abusers in 7th, and while I’ve seen some cooling off with them in 8th, they are still well represented in what I see locally.

Other surprises?

Grey Knights, not a surprise as they are all still horrible over-costed in terms of model points vs. abilities, and especially vulnerable to a D6 based system. I’m surprised they are as far up on the list as they are.

Genestealer Cults: I feel like ‘cults never really took off in 7th and have kind of stalled. I know I’m hoping to revisit my stater cult army- perhaps the appeal is small? A subset of players that normally would play Tyranids? I feel like ‘cults has the best possibility of building a tricknology based list in 40K right now, which is perhaps the most fun to play, but won’t auto-win tournaments.

Blood Angels again in the middle of the pack.

Space Wolves should be higher?


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7 Replies to “Warhammer 40K 8th Edition Army Stats”

  1. I think the charts and data being quoted often are a bit misleading on space marines. It is not space marines winning tournaments but Guillemarines.

    The biggest takeaway from all the data coming out is that imperial guard is by far the best standalone codex. They can build rock hard filthy tournaments lists without allies or soup or any other silliness. No other army demonstrated this ability in 2017.

    I remember a few years back you made a grand prediction about GW releasing a plastic titan. You wiffed on that one but do you have a grand prediction for 2018? 😀 New faction? New models? Faction/army dominance? Fritz winning a major event? The next primarch?

    1. I lost big time on the titan bet with my buddy- cost me a new predator kit, but a bet is bet…

      Now in 2018 I’m loving the kits GW has been releasing, but I’m getting a bit tired of all this Chaos stuff, and Nurgle appearing to dominate the fluff so much.

      Next Primarch? The Lion? Russ?

      I’d pick the Lion.

        1. My buddy says it’s not a *real* titan, so no predator back.

          Regardless of the mission I just target that predator first every time we play…

    1. It looks like they got put into “chaos” as a whole- which makes sense why CSM is so high on the list. Death Guard are one of the favored so far in this edition.

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