Tyranid Army: Hulknids

Our numbers will blot out the stars…

…if Tyranids could talk.

This is the army that got me started with Tyranids.

I never intended to play space bugs, but had a chance to buy the army years ago for a price that could not be passed up.

Some interesting models and conversions in the army reflecting the history of it and the gaming club.

The army started out somewhere in 4th edition with lots of genestealers and warriors as that was the auto-win army of the codex at the time. It played in the 2008 Games Workshop Grand Tournament and placed well.

At some point Ultrabob took them over and started adding stabby gaunts since they were the hotness at the time along with some brain bugs for psychic power spam also popular at the time.

Next the Warmaster Matt at the club bought them and started adding carnifexes and the custom flyrant which had become the win in 40K for Tyranids.

When I bought them they game with LOTS of bitz all bagged up and paints to match the colors used- so I added the rippers and raveners to the hive.

An army with a decade long history of fighting it out on the table.

Next post: tactics on how it plays in 8th.

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