Making A Warhammer 40K Tournament Display Board

If you are thinking about getting involved in the Warhammer 40K tournament scene (or any miniature tournament system), you need a display board ASAP.

Before my first Games Workshop Grand Tournament in 2007 one of the guys at the Battle For Salvation gaming club: The Warmaster Matt gave me the excellent advice to build a board for my army.

The Warmaster’s AMAZING Imperial Fist Army…

Display boards are a great way to frame your army, add to the display narrative, and even soft influence your paint score if part of the event is judged on that.

While on a practical level it, most importantly, it allows you to set up your models and have them ready to move around in-between games vs. spending time packing and unpacking between rounds as you move to different tables.



Saving time in between games to relax a bit and pace yourself helps a TON.

Plus there is less chance of model breakage in the moment if your game runs late and you have to pack and unpack your gear.

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