Winning Wargaming Tactics: Deployment

When does the game start?

The terrain is set up, mission is defined and ready to go.

Models are on the table, ready for first turn.

For many the game starts on that first turn, but from the tactica perspective of this post what if we plan for the game starting before that first turn?

What if we explore the idea that the game actually starts with the deployment of your models- where and how you place them on the table?

Deployment dictates the momentum of your actions on the first turn of the game. We deploy our models to gain an immediate advantage on turn one, or depending on the mission or army we face, take away the advantage of our opponent on turn one.

Here are three started deployments to take into consideration before the game begins:

Center deployment: Placing your models as far forward and as center on the gaming table as possible. This allows you to radiate out in all direction, and works with very fast of mechanized armies. By being in the center you literally can radiate out in all directions- countering your opponent’s moves and mistakes as they make them.

Castle deployment: Take your forces, go on the defensive, and stack/castle up in a corner of the gaming table. A castle deployment allows you to use the physical corner boundaries of the table to protect yourself from your opponent.  Stacked in the corner you limit the ways they can approach and engage your army- funneling them into a set zone on the table.

Dispersed Deployment: Take your army and divide it as best you can into three equal groups of attack, support, and defensive units. Deploy one group to the right, one center, and one left. Use each group to react to your opponent’s unit openings- if you can attack a flank with one of your groups take it. Holding the center better- do it. Three groups allows you to adjust to each part of the gaming table.

See you in the game!

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