Wings Of Glory WW I Plane Vs. Card Tactics

If you have been following my blog and podcasts for a while you know that I am an aggressive player- not in a wargaming jerk kind of way, but in a I-enjoy-the-action kind of way.

I want to get up close and grab that WIN.

In Wings of Glory I tend to joust a lot- head straight towards those British planes and let the machine guns fly. Many times other player don’t like to tactically joust so they will break off before I get close enough, many times letting me slip behind them.

That said, jousting is risky since there is a good chance you will expose yourself to returning fire.

So how do we balance the risk of risky flying in Wings of Glory?

By understanding the damage deck and its current state of stack as I like to call it.

In terms of rules for those unfamiliar with this GREAT game, when your plane takes damage, you draw cards from a deck. Some have damage values that get applied against your hull, while other have conditions like engine damage, rudder damage, or even catching on fire.

And then there is the BOOM card in the deck- draw it and your plane explodes.

Damage can be broken up into values you can take, effects that are bad, and one fatal card.

At the start of the game, before any damage has been drawn from the deck your chances of not drawing that BOOM or other serious cards is at its best. THIS is the time to gamble and take risks, and when I will joust.

As we play through the game, and the deck gets smaller in cards, with the BOOM and other critical damage still in that deck, that is the time to become VERY selective with how and when you engage- making sure you only engage when you can slip behind a plane, etc.

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