Wargaming Tactics: How Long To Be A Good Player?

I finally feel like I understand and can put up a good fight playing WW II Chain of Command- a historical miniature wargame.

When starting a new wargaming system, how long does it take to be a good player?

How long does it take to start really winning games?

My definition of being “good” at a wargame means while you are not going to win every game, you do put up an amazing tactical fight each game.

Your forces aren’t going down without an amazing fight.

I find that as I have made my way through various wargaming systems over the years- Warhammer 40K, Battletech, X-Wing Miniatures, etc. that it takes about a year of playing to get to this point, assuming you play a game every week or so.

Steps along the way to mastery?

First is naturally understanding the rules, not in terms of memorizing them, but in knowing the flow of the game, and what you can and can’t do in a turn. This framework allows you to start compiling tactics and building lists.

Next, at both the same time is list building and tactics.

List building is knowing what units to take for the mission, building an army, fleet, etc. that works together, and plays in the style you like. Tactics flow naturally from here as you work to make your list work on the table, refining it along the way.

Your thoughts on how long it takes to get “good” at a system?

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