Star Trek Attack Wing: The Battle For Deep Space Nine

With the unlawful occupation of Terok Nor by the Federation and their Bejoran terrorist allies repulsed, commerce and Cardassian stability has been restored to the Alpha Quadrant with the help of our Dominion allies.

Knowing that under the propaganda of the Bejoran “prophets”, Captain Sisko plans to retake the station, Cardassian and Dominion patrols have been increased along with the full operational security of the Obsidian Order now at work on Bejor.


“A true victory is to make your enemy see they were wrong to oppose you in the first place. To force them to acknowledge your greatness…”  ~Dukat.

True to his word Sisko returned, not as a diplomat, but as a conquering warlord with a Federation invasion fleet at his command.

Little does he know that Terok Nor has been “upgraded” with Dominion weaponry and the next generation of Cardassian photon torpedoes since its Deep Space Nine days, with Quark being executed as a spy for good measure…



The stations shields hold on the first pass as we lure them in before firing on all angles, alternating phases and torpedoes as the Jem’Hadar counter attack for the glory of the Founders.

Sisko sends in his second wave of Klingon attack ships led by Worf who commands the Klingon Bird of Prey K’Cha…


…which is quickly destroyed by the Jem’Hadar heavy battle cruisers.

“…send our regards to Jadzia, apparently today was a good day to die.”

Combined Dominion and Cardassian forces continue to repulse the invasion force, when suddenly disaster strikes, when Bajoran “interns” on the station strike at the reactor core disabling the station’s shields and phaser banks…



With the battle turning, and a second wave of Federation ships to arrive, it takes all of Weyoun’s diplomacy to convince Dukat not to self-destruct the station.

Time for a diplomatic withdrawal…


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