Mordheim Starting Warband Tactics

First rule of Mordheim is that you always live to fight another day…

In entering the City of the Damned, in search of wyrdstone, there are three core tactica in play regardless of the mission or the warband.

Tactically, layered, it looks like this:

Core tactics as the first decision making filter.

Warband as the second filter.

Mission as the third filter.

First tactica is keeping your warband alive in each mission- not taking any losses on any of your warband members- especially any leaders or special characters.

While the core DNA of Mordheim is that of a miniature skirmish game, it is also very much a campaign RPG lite game. After each mission you gain experiences, gold, items, and “progress” with each miniature.

Get killed, lose a member of your warband, and that is real-time resources gone that you have to make up over the next few games.

Always better to lose the mission vs. winning and taking losses. Even with a “loss” in the mission you gain XP and a chance to explore the city.

Second tactica is to win as much of the mission as you can while not taking losses. Grab what ‘stones you can, search were you can, and if you can’t get to an area of the city, or engage with overwhelming odds, don’t.

Final tactica, while limiting your losses, and playing the mission is to try and hunt down one of your opponent’s warband members. Focus your warband members on trying to take out a single model- forcing your opponent to lose the XP and possible items on that model.


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