Mordheim Dwarf Treasure Hunter Warband

If I had the venture into the ruins of the Damned city of Mordheim, who would I sign my lot off with?


Witch Hunters?

Same groups, just different end game masters.


Treasure hunters!

A bunch of battle hardened and jaded dwarf’s, full of hatred for the green skins, and already a few barrels deep into some of Bugman’s XXXXXX brew.

Thinking of taking some dwarfs for your next warband and journey into the city- a few key points to understand.

Dwarfs start out as T4 base in the game, which on that stat alone makes them very tough to put down given that most attackers have S3 and weak weapons and equipment.

For contrast, compared to other Games Workshop stat mechanics, like Warhammer 40K, T4 is not very common vs. 40K where the majority of stuff is T4.

A 40K equivalent for reference would be like having all your troops be T6 as a base.

The main offset to this is that dwarfs are slow, which impact both the mission and engaging opponents.

For certain missions you are going to be at a disadvantage, sometimes a bog one. Missions where you have to search building by building for wyrdstone means, based on the random roll for the mission, you might not be able to safely win it.

Best you can do, is try to bank on the survival bonus XP and let your opponent have it. Dwarfs will also get a slight over all game bonus over a series of missions due to less chances of being killed or taken out for each warband member.

Against fast missile weapon armed warbands- such as most Skaven builds you are also going to be at a disadvantage with all the scooting and shooting that they do.

Which makes the first priority of missile weapons for a dwarf warband.

Throwing daggers, crossbows, firearms first.

Hand and close combat weapons second.

Armor third.

In terms of gear, dwarfs can get away with less armor for a bit- given the natural “armor” of T4 and the improved rolls of being knocked out.

Best way to think of the dwarves is as a tank warband.


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