Mordheim Cult Of The Possessed

Bring out your dead!

The glory of the Shadowlord is there for those who can see the true vision and freedom of CHOAS.

Next weekend is a scheduled game of Mordheim with a few of my friends who are long time players like myself- a few times a year we get together to hunt for some wyrdstone in the smashed city of Mordheim.

I’m rolling with my Possessed warband, and naturally the focus is going to be on a BIG jacked up Possessed model: blessed by the gods who over time has become less human and more…divine…


So here we have a powerful and expensive single unit, which means it is vulnerable to being taken out no matter how jacked up. I can spend more gold to boost it’s attack power and charge in, but being a D6 dice based game I don’t want to chance getting hit with some bad dice, and not having enough critical model mass left in my other models.

Plus, in smaller skirmish games, it’s easy to run away from scary models and disperse.

I do plan to use the Possessed as a table/area denial unit- especially helpful on not only a defined gaming table, but one where multiple missions will be to hunt down and find wyrdstone.


M5 S4 T4 W2 I4.

I want to build on the 5″ movement, which is already a good start- so hoofs for +1 movement to bring it to 6″- get me to the center of the table quicker and project that charge bubble out.

I’m going to add some tentacles to reduce an attack by -1 in case I do have to charge.

S4 and T4 while I can spend the coin to improve them are already above the base stat for most warbands- except my one friend who always bring a Troll- which I’ll just run away from.


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