Mordheim Cult of the Possessed Warband

Mordheim is one of those games that has a PERFECT fusion of backstory, rules, and missions that makes you REALLY feel like you are the leader of a warband picking your way through the ruined city searching for wyrdstone.

It’s an amazing fusion of Games Workshop at their best, combined with a tabletop-skirmish RPG experience.

When I take to the table it is in the service of the Dark Gods as Magister of a Cult of the Possessed warband.

SO many things “wrong” with how I play the warband, but I know it, adapt for it, and one can’t argue with the FUN of the warband.

Generally speaking, good wargaming tactics dicates that you don’t put all of your points, resources, battle value, etc. into one model. If that model gets taken out, what next? If you get hit by a swing of the dice, what next? Not enough points to make sure your other model resources work, what next?

The Dark Gods find those questions insulting, and your vision lacking!

In my warband it is all about running an uber-jacked up possessed model. I’m feeding this dude all the wyrdstone I can, upgrading everything, and supporting it with buff to make it even more jacked up with my Magister.

Naturally nobody really wants to fight him, and the opposing warbands best models avoid it, at best throwing some fodder or expendable models at it to either try and get a lucky XP kill, or slow it down, which often has my possessed chewing threw them.

It also makes me a TON of wyrdstone cash.

I use it as a blocking unit to push out a threat bubble- get it onto the table in an area I want to explore for ‘stone and keep opposing models out of it’s charge range so I can explore without worrying about getting attacked or having stuff stolen and grabbed.

For the DARK GODS!


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