Chain of Command WW2 is a very dynamic game, tight rules, alternating activation of units, and lots of ways to counter what your opponent is going, along with my favorite in a wargame- hidden or non traditional deployment.

However, if you are coming to this game from other wargaming systems where you can build an army from multiple choices and sources…

…you are in for an interesting surprise as this is HISTORICAL wargaming.

In playing my late war Germans, when the invasion of Fortress Europe is well underway, the limits of what I can and can’t take for a mission are SET. I have less manpower vs. the allied invaders, yet access to better and heavier tank technology.

So what’s in my Chain of Command German army?

I want to, naturally, build on what is strong in the list: machine guns. With two in each squad, I want to increase that number by a few more when selecting my heavy support options- adding at least one or two more to the list.

Given the historical aspect of late war, the army only comes with one senior leader- a BIG problem in issuing more orders, especially given how easy (free) the British and Americans get them. I’m forces to pay a “tax” to get a second senior leader, but 100% its mandatory needed.

Now we come to the first real choice in the list- mechanized or not with some half-tracks. These give even more machine gun support on the vehicles themselves, but more importantly they give the mobility to get my machine guns into position. I often use the heavy support machine gun teams to provide suppressing fire or overwatch which makes them VERY deadly, and then use the half tracks to outflank, deploy squad based machine guns and dakka away.


Now we get to the historical a$$ kicking part of the list…

Long time blog readers know that Fritz is a BIG fan of armor, and you can’t get the name WARGAMER FRITZ without playing lots of tanks.

Certainly in the late war I have access to the best tanks in the game- Tigers and the like, why take early war Panzer III’s and often outclassed against all the Sherman spam the allies throw up?


The big tanks are just beyond resource expensive- an example of STRESS POINTS in the rules: My podcast HERE explains this concept. 

I can’t get any of the other much needed stuff to counter the allies with, and all my points are tied up in one or two uber tanks- which can only activate so much in a turn- a turn when I need my other heavy support stuff activating also.



Ike · October 4, 2017 at 5:33 AM

Have you thought of starting bolt action by warlord games?

    Wargamer Fritz · October 4, 2017 at 6:29 PM

    I have been thinking about it with one of the starter sets. I do currently play Beyond the Gates of Antares and from what I hear/read it uses a similar mechanic so I know it is a good game rules and flow wise.

    Primalucem · October 7, 2017 at 8:35 PM

    Bolt Action is to Chain of Command what checkers is to chess. No question that the latter is a better game.

      Wargamer Fritz · October 10, 2017 at 6:23 PM

      More Chain of Command soon!

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