Storing Your Wargaming Miniatures

This week’s HOBBY post is going to explore ways of storing your wargaming miniatures…

…because I promise you that regardless of the system you play your collection IS going to grow above and beyond not only what you have, but where you plan to stop.

A good storage solution should do three things: protect your miniatures from dust and movement damage, allow you to transport them to a friend’s house, store, or event even if you primarily game at your place, and organize them in such a way that you can quickly get them out and or away.

100% add to this considerations and space on how your collection is going to grow- always go modular or get a bigger storage system vs. what you need right now.

My goal has always been to have all the figures, models, units for a given army in one box or case at all times.

Many of the storage options out there are either soft or hard cases with foam inserts that you can customize to fit the different units that you play. I use these- many of the old GW hard cases to store my Warhammer 40K and Battletech stuff. Exceptions do exist- my Chaos Space Marine army for Warhammer 40K has lots of spikey bitz and weapons all over the place that need more space- I use a converted foam plastic tool box.

For my X-Wing Miniatures collection, which is admittedly a bit out of control I use a Plano storage box that has both pull out trays and top open space.

The trays let me organize by faction- Rebel, Imperial Navy, etc. and the top shelf is big and deep enough for all the cards, tokens, and bigger ships.

Another point to consider is what other “stuff” you need to play your army- 40K is just dice and a tape measure which I can pocket, but X-Wing has a TON of other stuff. Consider a gaming case or box that can carry everything you need  to play in one spot.

What systems are you using to store your miniatures- what storage solutions should I be considering?




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2 Replies to “Storing Your Wargaming Miniatures”

  1. Whats up Fritz,

    Just played my first 40k game in over 20 years. It was an apocolipse game. I had around 3k worth of space marines. I did ok, the dice got me. I shot 28 las cannons/ missle launchers at a teserach vault and only put 10 wounds on it. The guy was rolling invulnerables like crazy. Even had the salamander chapter tactic so I was hitting and wounding.

    Anyways, this game nor my collection would not have happened without the work you have done. Thank you for your work and bring me back into the hoby, I felt like a kid again!!!


    1. Thanks man! You guys keep me in the game with your encouragement, stories, and tales of 40K glory!

      Teserach is a bitch to take down!

      Emperor protects1

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