Getting Started In Gaslands

THIS game was the gateway that got me started with chopping up Hot Wheels and gluing as many gunz on the cars as I can.

Games Workshop had an interesting game in Dark Future, that was timed well for the 1990’s when it was released.

I had (still) hopes that it would get a re-release one day- licensed out for the IP so GW can just collect the cash.

…enter Gaslands.

I’ve kind of observed it from the sides, seen a few “battle reports” on the YouTubes, but it was getting a Facebook invite to a group that kind of pushed me over.

All the fun they are all having and I’m missing out on!

All the Kustom Konversions that would bring a tear to an Ork’s eye.

Plus, what is the cost of entry?

Rules, some cars, some bitz, and some terrain?

More once I start chopping up some cars.

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