Gaming Dice Etiquette?

Is it a leaner?

What is the dice etiquette in wargaming?

Even among friends rolling the dice correctly is a good habit to cultivate. Here are a few rules that I follow:

The first is that all the dice have to land on the table for the result to count. If something falls on the floor, or a side table, I pick it up and re-roll it.

All the dice have to be flat on the table- if any are leaning on some terrain or another die, they get re-rolled.

In game terms these are often called a leaner.

How do you handle dice on the floor or leaners in your game?

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One Reply to “Gaming Dice Etiquette?”

  1. I’m teaching my kids good dice etiquette and I would add to your list. 1. Roll, not lay, the dice. Shake them in your hand and cast them. 2. Do not throw dice! We don’t need dice flying across the table and landing in the backyard taking a lance of mechs with them. 3. When you roll, verbally state all the modifiers at work, state the number needed for a success, allow your opponent to confirm, then roll. 4. Don’t pick up the dice until all players confirm the roll. This was a really really bad habit with a couple of guys I would play heroclix with. They would say “6 to hit!,” roll, and say “hit!” then pick up the dice. I had to finally work up the courage to kind of challenge them and ask them to slow down.

    It sounds like a big ball of nothing, but I’ve seen bad dice habits really cause a lot of conflict and hurt feelings. Keep it all above board!

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