Battletech Miniatures Build & Paint

As I dive into Chain of Command for a bit, time to pick back up with some BATTLETECH hobby stuff- finishing off the last of a small multi-role lance. The models:

My plan is to paint them a desert camo light tan/green color. Red glass and optics for some contrast and a brown/grey rubble basing to match.

Need some infantry to back them up- always need some infantry in Battletech.

Can never go wrong with taking two units even if they are not the focus of your lance, so I’m building them to bring along also.

Have to look at my other Thunderbolt- are they different models? I don’t remember if the other one was so many parts? I think I can get away with not pinning it.

Side project is building some more generic sci-fi buildings to go along with my new Battletech map that just arrived…

…and the last of my Tiger II and AT field guns for Chain of Command.


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