A recent email question in from my blog asked about the perspective of the first time Dungeon Master running their first adventure- and how they felt a bit shy and overwhelmed with having to not only run the game but manage all the players.

Let’s take a look at a few action points that we can put into action to make that first adventure awesome and fun to play.

First is in selecting the adventure, and for your first adventure consider going with a pre-written adventure. Could be something you have written, or a published module. The type of adventure where for each encounter there is a text box to read to the players.

Running an adventure this way allows you to communicate the encounter without pause and then go into what the party wants to do in terms of actions, skill checks, etc. It takes much of the pressure of “so what do they see” off so you can be more relaxed.

Second, in selecting an adventure, pick one that is self-contained so the party has less choices in terms of going off the adventure rails.

As an example if they are in a wilderness type setting exploring a haunted forest, there are other places to go- the hills nearby, mountains, the river, etc. The adventure is taking place in the forest, and that is where the encounters are planned, but you don’t want them to know that so you can give them the illusion of freedom.

Contrast that with being in a dungeon, or a single building, or a ship at sea. Big places or small, they can only “explore” the confines of your adventure.

And from there, once you have your adventure set, read thought it a bit and get the flow of it. Make a note of any special rules or thing you might have to reference and look up in the dungeon Master’s Guide ahead of time.

Jump into that first adventure!

Hail and well met adventurer!

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New players and lurkers are always welcome!

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