Chain Of Command WW2: Invasion Of Italy Battle Report

With the allied invasion of Italy underway, elements of the 26th Panzer Division have been tasked with holding a hill overlooking a vital road leading up the coast.

Under my command is a Panzer III, two groups of infantry, and a heavy machine gun team. At the top of the hill is a concrete bunker which I plan to have the machine gun team use as it has a wide field of view over and down the hill.

What to do with the Panzer III remains to be seen…

Deploy it on the road to the left and use it to divide the approaching British, or station it on the hill with the bunker for a wider field of view, risking both targets being together?

Artillery in the distance begin to fire on the hill, stay bottled up and prepare for the advance…

¬†British advance from the road with a Sherman in support, slowly pushing up the hill. Any moment, that Sherman is going to start pounding the bunker, little choice now…

Direct hit on the Sherman from the Panzer III, machine gun team open fire, a second British infantry squad move into the building at the base of the hill and start returning machine gun fire.

A Churchill IV makes way up the road, turning off and pushing up the hill, my Panzer III shells bouncing off it. It frags the bunker and my tank as the British infantry line make it to the small vineyard before the bunker.


With the bunker smashed, more incoming artillery, and the British infantry just meters away, knowing my wargaming player personality there is only next course of action…

¬†Charge down the hill and take the field in hand-to-hand combat…

…ending the game in a draw as both sides no longer have the command dice to issue orders, and both sides don’t control the hill, for now.

Churchill really messed things up for the Germans.

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