Chain Of Command WW2 Battle Report: Germans Vs. British

Orders are in.

Push up the road and over the hill, link up with elements of the 2nd panzer division Das Reich.

British forces have been reported in the area, and will be looking to hold the hill.

Further reports of American armor in the area.

Scouts reporting in…

I send one of my sniper teams ahead while pushing up panzer III. Lots of opportunities to ambush on the road, can’t stop it, but if I can get the British and American’s to show themselves I can call in some additional support elements on their positions.

Taking fire- a Sherman on the hill.

Has elevation, better armor, and a better gun vs. the III.

Most of my shells bounce.

I deploy my infantry at the edge of the farm, with a plan to push up the hill, as long as the panzer III can keep the Sherman busy.

British machine gun teams from the far orchard start firing down, and the Sherman turns its 50 caliber machine gun on my infantry.

Taking lots of shock.

British Bren carrier starts pushing forward.

 I’m moments away from breaking, but the fortunes of war suddenly turn.

Panzerschreck team deploys out and smokes the Bren carrier, sniper team takes out a British Senior leader, and the machine gun fire discipline of my men lay down the shock, forcing the British to pull back over the hill as I push forward and take it.

I’d like to credit the win to tactics…

…but it was fully the luck of the dice in the last few turns.

Donkeys weren’t hurt in the battle.

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