Chain Of Command World War II Support Choice Tactica

So I’ve been playing around with as many of the different support choices in CHAIN OF COMMAND as possible, and this is where I currently stand in terms of tacitca.

CoC is unique in that all the army lists start out with a standard setup representing the history of the time- in the case of my late war German army I get three sections lead by a junior officer, each with two machine guns and rifle teams. I can’t chance this setup, but I also get a number of support points- 3, 6, 10, etc. based on the mission to buy other support.

Tactically we can break this support up into two groups- on table and off table support.

On table support would be adding a tank, another machine gun section, or perhaps a mortar team.

Off table support would be an air attack, positioned machine gun team, or off table bombardment with artillery.

Which to select?

Are you the attacker or the defender?

How competitive are you looking to play?

From a competitive standpoint you always spend support points on what is a guarnatee- models you can deploy and control on the table- tanks, mechanized infantry, machine guns, snipers, etc. Just what you select depends on the mission.

Support points spent on actions outside the table are not guaranteed to work- they are random in nature vs. a tank that once deployed you control.

As an example, selecting the pre-game bombardment with artillery. This support choice represents s shelling of the battlefield before your units advance. In game rules represent this with your opponent having to roll for each unit before it deploys on the table. 50% chance of keeping a unit off the table- but the dice are random, and one can’t control random, just influence it.

As an example in my last game, this bombardment was used against my Germans- I successfully rolled for each unit bringing them on the table without delay- a waste of my opponent’s support choices.

But would it have been worth it if two or three of my units stayed off the table.


But do you want to risk that?

Can you afford to risk that?

Played a bit more conservatively, I’d say one could spend support choices on the random stuff if you have enough to at least stack your support list with a few elements you can count on.

If I have 3-6 support points I’m not taking random.

If I have 9-12, perhaps.

3-6 points on panzers, 3 points on a support team- machine gun or mortar, and 3 points on a bombardment or air support.

Or go with what you can count on 100%

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