Chain Of Command Tactics: Your Thoughts?

Tomorrow’s Chain of Command WW2 is my first play with my new Jadatiger tank…

…the question is how to use such a beast?

Chain of Command has some very interesting rules in how units are deployed. At the start of the game you deploy a number of tokens which represent jump off points for your units- the idea is that your opponent doesn’t know just where you units are on the table, until they are revealed.

If you have a jump off point on a hill- your units could be there, or maybe at another point on the table, but once you deploy and reveal they are on the table and activate from there. It does the whole fog of war thing VERY well.

Tanks deploy a bit different in that they are off the table until you deploy them and they enter the game from a road section. Naturally they can go off road, but it slows them down, and maybe even gets them stuck.

Another interesting feature is overwatch- if a unit deploys and there is no target or it decides not to shoot it can fire at a target during the opponent’s phase as an interrupt.

So here are the questions I’m thinking:

How do you leverage one of the most powerful tanks in the game- later war German heavy tanks like the Jadatiger and my soon to be finished Tiger II?

Deploy them as soon as I can turn one and get them on the table- put them in overwatch and take that first shot at anything that deploys out? Ex: Three Shermans deploy, I’m on overwatch and fire, taking one out- two shoot back. Or if I miss, three shoot back, but the overwatch shooting is done on my opponent’s turn.

Hold the tank off table until my opponent has committed tanks and anti-tank units?

But then am I getting the most out of my super heavy unit? I want it on the table- leveraging the threat of that gun- even the high explosive round is insane allowing it to be a threat to infantry.

Also the need to compliment my infantry and machine gun teams- get them around the tank not only as a screen to protect it, but also as a way to punish units that might pop up and attack the tank- making sure there are 4-6 machine guns firing back at all times.

Lead with the tank?

Hide with the tank?

Push the tank as the tip of the spear?

Use it as a back table bunker?



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  1. I would deploy such a machine conservatively. Try to fight as few of your enemies AT weapons as you can on the opening move. Basically, try to make it a series of very unfair 1 v 1 fights leveraging your superior machines advantages.

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