Achtung! New Chain Of Command Armor

With the invasion of Fortress Europe underway I’ve requested additional support from command to repulse the American invaders and push them back across the channel.

Command has authorized me to form two heavy tank battalions, and the first of these new tanks are arriving at the front.

Previously I was tasked with using older Panzer II tanks and¬†Panzerschreck support teams…

…but now the first of many NEW tanks to arrive in France.

Jagdtiger # 512

The heaviest in the German support list- with 16 dice of armor, and 20 attack dice with an A.P. round.

For the points the Americans could throw down 3 or so Sherman tanks and get to the side or rear armor given the hunting tiger’s slow speed, but this is no FURY fantasy- I’ll have¬†Panzerschreck ambush teams and PAK 43 at the ready- and my Germans actually hit what they aim at.


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