Bring out your dead!

Three quick but important strategy points to keep in mind as you rock the undead in Zombicide: Black Plague…

First two turns are KEY in terms of mission objectives and clearing out rooms behind doors as there are no zombies moving or streaming in from any of the spawn points. Each turn after the third game turn, the challenge will start ramping up as the spawn points pump out more zombs. Try to clear and rooms on the way to mission objectives or searching early on so you are not dealing with two zombie stream sources- rooms & spawns.

Second is that if you have the chance to remove or shut down spawn points, select ones that are far away and where you are moving towards later in the game. This will create some space to not only move in, but also cut down on the zombie wall that you will have the hack thru later in the game- especially if that span point is a street blocked by a door- they will keep building and building and at some point you will have to open the door…

Move as a group and always stay one or two spaces away from each other, if you have to spread out. With only 3-4 actions and perhaps a free custom action that still leaves your hero vulnerable to missing the dice when opening a door or taking out some deadites. If another hero is close, they can step in after your activation and clean up any zombies in your space.

Your starting tactics and ideas for the game?

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