Your Thoughts On War Of The Ring?

Fritz needs some feedback on War of the Ring…

I’ve watched the videos and reviews, it looks solid, has the theme, but how does it play from a Wargaming perspective?

This is where I am coming from…

As a Wargamer i’m totally immersed in the hobby- building terrain, painting miniatures, and dealing with multi-mission and complex rules from Warhammer 40K and Battletech. In both of these game systems one can do a ton of missions, army lists, and play styles.

But it is a commitment to buy into the chosen system- get the minis, build, paint, learn all the rules flow, etc.

I’m now exploring boardgames that are wargames so I can play said wargames with my board game friends.

Perhaps a better example…

A lot of my wargaming friends play Warhammer 40K only and are not “into” board games. But when I feel like playing a board game with them I can pull out RELIC or some of the 40K themed board games and they will play due to the theme.

For my boardgaming friends that won’t play a wargame- but will play a board game, is War of the Rind a wargame + boardgame they will play?

I’m also interested in a more “closed” wargaming experience- something with a defined set of rules, pieces, and a mission to play- War of the Ring has this, it seems.

PLUS it’s Lord of the Rings, any or most of the players in both my wargaming and board gaming circles already know the narrative, so why not play?

I’m looking for that wargame experience in a box, with a theme that most people know.


I will have to paint the miniatures, but that isn’t a bad thing…

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