Temple Of Elemental Evil Board Game: Taking On The Air Cult

In the last adventure our heroes Valeros and Ratspit escaped the ambush abduction by the cultists of the Temple of Elemental Evil.


Cast into dark pit, they ran the dungeon full or traps and strange cultists dedicated to each element, wielding weapons and magic of each element. Now back at the village of Hommlet the two plan to assault the Elemental Cult of Air.

Tracking their lair down to an abandoned keep not far from the village, the two descend into the dungeon beneath…

Twisting halls with lots of traps, Ratspit’s nimble fingers and quick dexterity lead the way. It appears that from the random layout of the dungeon it is funneling us along the way, with only one way to go- so not triggering any traps is important- need to keep those healing surges as long as I can.

A rumble in the distance turns up something…interesting. Perhaps some rivalry from the Earth cult? What are the odds of me pulling the end of the dungeon tile from the deck…

Which I pull, spawning the Air cult’s patron and source of power- an air elemental. Curiously the cult also has a small brass dragon taken as prisoner who uses our arrival to try and make an escape.

An interesting turn of events.

Through luck, which I will totally take, I’m going into the boss fight not only with full health, but also two active healing surges, AND all my daily powers at the ready to use.

I don’t want to say it’s an auto win since this is a D&D adventure system, but I’m in a good place.

Down side is that since I am playing the ToEE campaign, I haven’t bashed any monsters to get some gold and magic items along the way, which only leaves the end of the adventure loot.

Ratspit open up with three attacks, and +1 damage on each attack since we have the elemental pinned. He hits with all three, as Valeros follows up. Elemental does some heavy damage, but I’ma t full HP and can take it.

We put it to the sword, as much as one can put an air elemental to the sword.

This is the best the cults have to offer?

Back to Hommlet to spend what little coin we found in the temple coffers.

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