Temple Of Elemental Evil Board Game: Dungeon 1 Run Revisited

Second run through the Temple of Elemental evil first dungeon…

Kidnapped by the cult, cast down into a pit, now the adventurers have to find a way to escape…

Last run-through the dungeon and how it brutalized me, it’s time for a different plan.

I got a bit ahead of myself, thinking I had to slay everything on the table. Always play the mission, and the mission is to escape. SO, I’m going to run-and-gun this time. Keep moving, pick off what I can at range, and push to the end.

Certainly not a loot run.

Now, as we look at the random tile layout, I 100% DID shuffle the gaming tiles, yet the random gods gave me a very thematic dungeon run to escape from- lots of traps along the way so my thief Ratspit earned his XP.

Pushing to the end of the dungeon we made it back up to the surface, less monsters in this run and 100% more taps.

Fighter managed to grab some OK loot, but since my thief was busy with the traps and not bashing monsters he only drew 100 gold as a reward.

A good reminder of just how brutal the Dungeons & Dragons adventure series games are and how I’m reminded I have to play the missions vs. going for monster slaying glory…

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