Talisman Board Game: Winning Game Tactics

You are ready to make your run for the Crown of Command, what is your starting game tactics to pull ahead of the other adventurers?

Certainly the type of character you pull is going to influence your approach- draw the Wizard and you are going to be looking to build on his natural spell-casting ability.

Pull the Minotaur and a weapons based approach- the flail if you are playing with the City expansion is a good plan.

But what starting game tactics generally applies to everybody on the table?

Embracing the *random* that is Talisman the board game.

Draw as many cards as you can.

At the start of the game, you have the least to loose by drawing a really bad encounter card. No followers to turn to stone, no loss of strength/craft, and even if you take a hit to life, you still have the base points.

Equally, the choicest of magic objects- the Rune Sword and others are still somewhere in the adventure deck- pulling multiple cards a turn if possible will increase the chance of one of these dropping.


So where to venture forth?

If one is playing with the core board only, bouncing back and forth near the ruins will draw you two cards.

If playing with the side board expansions the Highlands is perfect- encounters not *that* hard on average, and quite a few multi-card spaces to draw from.

Toad! Toad! Toad!

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