Talisman Board Game: The Woodlands


The date is set for our next BIG game of Talisman.

~10 players, all cut-throat and super competitive ready to go.

All big box expansions in play.

Blind draw your character and you get what you get…


Normally I’ll dip into the Highlands to grab some emeralds, diamonds, and other gems before jumping over to the City to sell them, and use the gold to buy lots of potions.

Drink up and get some stat boosts.

But the flail.

Head over into the dungeon, hopefully with a fly or teleport object, spell, or potion to zip to the end, beat the Dark Lord and grab the wand.

NOW, I’m ready to play and deal with the other players in the game.

But what about a Woodlands strategy?

I’ve tried to develop one, mostly trying stuff out on the digital version of Talisman, and as a result I’d cast my vote that the Woodlands is the hardest side board to play, and is well, quite punishing- even for Talisman!

The encounters are as hard or harder vs. the Dungeon.

Lots of crazy stuff with fate, forcing you to burn your fate, and once you are out you are in trouble…

…and the magic objects and followers one could pull seem just ho-hum.

In such a big 10 player game, getting knocked out for a turn or two, or getting killed, even early on will put me back to a reset where I don’t think I could even make the run for the Crown in time.

Big bragging right are on the line!

Any Woodland strategies to explore?

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