Talisman Board Game Character Review: The Spy

Working my way through some of my favorite characters for the board game Talisman…

For me, board games are about the social experience, a bunch of us getting together, rolling some dice, and having a good time.

The more players the better.

The bigger the game the better.

The largest Talisman game that I ran had 16 players.

The SPY is one of those characters that gets more tactical based on the number of players- the higher the player count the stronger he is, even with the suggested player cap of 6.

3/3 strength and craft is an OK starting base, same with 4 life, and 4 fate is a bit above average.

Nothing stellar with the starting stats, but nothing really bad either.

His primary power is to spy, and look at the top cards of certain decks, and look at the spells held by other players.

Looking at the potential adventure card that is coming up, give you control in determining if you need to play a spell or potion ahead of time. It also offers a choice in making both spaces known- say like landing on the city space or drawing a card- examine the deck and see which is potentially better.

Thinking of shifting off the main board and going into one of the side board- the Highlands, Dungeon, etc.

Spy a card.

Knowing spells ahead of time is also big- before you zap another player or hit them with the toad, check to see if they have a counter spell.

However, the BIG tactica is his ability to shadow and move/land on another character- as a teleport action the movement just happens. In a big player game, with players scattered about, this makes getting to different section of the game board VERY fast.

It also allows you to quickly pick up item drops in the mid game- another player is carrying a ton of loot and they get hit with the toad and drop it- they are still a *character*, so teleport and grab the gear.

One of my favorite non-brute characters.

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