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Talisman Board Game Tactics: Starting Game Winning Tactics

You have drawn your character for the race to the Crown of Command, set your strength, craft, and life counters… …what is your starting plan? Certainly the character abilities you have are going to play Read more…

Blog Post: Board Games

Legacy Of Dragonholt Character Review & Who Reads The Adventures

 NO SPOILERS NO SPOILERS NO SPOILERS I’m starting my second solo play through Legacy Of Dragonholt with a human character names Obsidian Rex, who is a blend of magic-user and thief, or perhaps an assassin-mage… What I’ve been Read more…

Blog Post: Board Games

Aliens Vs. Predator: The Hunt Begins Board Game Tactics

Long time listeners to my podcast and blog readers will know that I am a HUGE AvP fan- all the way back to Aliens by Leading Edge Games, played the heck out of that with Read more…