Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Playing It As A Full RPG Experience

If you have been following my blog posts and gaming podcasts for some time, you know I am a BIG fan of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game system and experience.


It has the potential, and we are going to talk about that potential, in a moment to be a fast and fluid full RPG experience for those times when you need it the most.

I also play numerous traditional RPG system- Dungeons & Dragons of course, but also Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, and Paranoia for time to time. I’m usually the DM/GM so there is the prep-time that pours into that, and even as a player, something we don’t have the time or players to run a full series of games.

Pathfinder Adventure Card game steps in and solves that.

It gives you that RPG fantasy experience by flipping cards and rolling dice as you level your character up. You can also get in a mini campaign in an entire evening…

So how do we give it a bit of an RPG feel, when the game is flipping and rolling?

Setting the narrative for the adventure locations is the fist and quickest way- the first time a player visits a location have them read the location description on the card.

Another great way to build in the RPG feel, is that as each player flips over the encounter card for their location, before they resolve it, that have to add a bit of “why” working the narrative of the card into the story…

Valeros is at the farmhouse following up on rumors of where the brigands are running their base of operations, searching the farmhouse he finds a hidden passage with a large chest, what is inside the chest…

What stories can the cards tell to create a RPG gaming experience along the way?


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