Painted Zombicide Black Plague Miniatures

As a “wargamer” I’m used to planning out an attack plan for painting miniatures, but when one is staring down the undead horde of Zombicide: Black Plague, it gives even the most steel-heart a moment of pause.

Zombicide: Black Plague looks great on the tables- for massed produced single design miniatures the detail looks great, along with a number of different sculpts for each miniature type. Given how nice the game boards also look the set is perfect to be painted up.

Attack plan?

Balancing the numbers and the players.

I love the guys I game with, true brothers in dicehood, but man are they heavy handed and always spilling and dropping stuff. Anything I paint up for a mass play game the likes that we burn through is going to take a beating…

…and that is OK as you can’t put a price on a good time. Certainly my Z:BP figs are not going to be golden daemon level of detail.

I also want to get- em done so we can play.

Base coat black spray paint.

Three primary colors.


Pick out some details.


Paint the base with a few blood soaked ones to break up the visuals on the table as they spawn.


Bring out your dead!


I also have an extra set of Dungeon Saga dungeon furniture which I’ve added to the game for when we explore a room or building. Open the door- spawn some deadites, and put out some furniture to dress up the visuals. Also shows how the party moves through the map over time.

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